0th Highest drug fatalities in New York State
0 Deaths in 2017
0 Deaths in 2018
0 People Admitted Annually for Opioid Addiction


Overdose Deaths in the U.S.*

0% Synthetic Narcotics Mainly Fentanyl
0% Prescription Opiods
0% Cocaine
0% Psychostimulants with Abuse Potential

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Hunter Duger, a 2018 Auburn High School graduate and former wrestling teammate of Nick’s, founded Five20Five, a t-shirt company that is donating 15% of its profits to charities working to end the opioid crisis. Nick’s Ride 4 Friends is truly grateful for this young man’s work ethic and the commitment he’s demonstrated by creating a company that positively impacts the local community. And, we couldn’t be more thrilled to announce that Hunter is also the winner of the Wrestling “Underdog” Scholarship, an academic honor awarded annually by Nick’s Ride 4 Friends to a high school wrestler who shows great potential on and off the mat and is involved in the community. To support Hunter’s effort by purchasing unique apparel, visit his website Five20Five and be a part of the fight to end the opioid crisis.

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