Our Work

We take a boots on the ground approach to get work done for the people who need us most. It is our goal that these programs meet the needs of those struggling with addiction. It is from your donations that these programs can run and have an impact.

The Clubhouse

We currently run a clubhouse out of our 12 South St Auburn, NY location with plans of expansion. The clubhouse is meant to be a safe haven for people to come and attend meetings, find guidance for sobriety, job searching/resume help and have recreational time with peers. We hold daily meetings at the clubhouse. 

  • Mon-Fri 5:30PM 12 Step Meeting

  • Saturday 2PM 12 Step Meeting

  • Saturday 7:30PM 12 Step Meeting

  • Sunday 2PM Women's Meeting

Wrestling "UNDERDOG" Scholarship

To honor Nick's love of wresting and unwavering support for the "underdog" we give an annual $500.00 scholarship to a senior Auburn Wrestler toward furthering his or her education. This scholarship goes to a senior wrestler that has shown leadership on and off the mat, participated in general acts of kindness and has a passion for the sport.

Wrestling Camp Scholarship

Every year Champions for Life hosts a wrestling camp to work on skills and conditioning. Nick's Ride awards a $1000.00 scholarship to alleviate some of the costs of the camp for students and coaches.

General Acts Of Kindness

Lending a hand, giving a ride, taking people Christmas shopping-these are all a few examples of general acts of kindness we practice at Nick's Ride 4 Friends. Actions speak louder than words and we are in the act to help people in need.