Our Story

June 12th, 1995 - December 28th, 2015

June 12th, 1995 - December 28th, 2015


Nick's Ride 4 Friends is dedicated to helping people with addiction. It was started when Nick Campagnola, 20, died 3 days after Christmas 2015. Nick's struggle with addiction started after a sports injury was treated with pain killers and grew into an addiction to heroin. What was believed to be a heroin overdose that caused Nick's Death, was later discovered to be a mixture of Fentanyl and synthetic acid. This drug combination is know as a "Kill Bag" by dealers and is a death sentence waiting to happen. In his unfortunate relapse Nick received one of these "kill bags" leading to his death. 

Nick was a good kid with a big heart and a friend to all. He is missed by many and remembered through this organization and the work we do.

What We Do

Nick's Ride 4 Friends is a grass roots heroin and opioid prevention and recovery organization. We support people who need help overcoming the disease of addiction from the ground up by using a clubhouse model, which provides a safe haven where people can feel comfortable and work on their journey surrounded by peers and supporters.

We concentrate on recovery, wellness, job searching and truly commit to getting people acclimated to becoming an active part of the community again. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to help others in the battle with addiction and continue the love for Nick in this endeavor through programs for recovery and community events.