Our Future

Nick's Ride 4 Friends is a forward thinking organization.  We are in the fight against the disease of addiction and the push toward education and knowledge. Our goals are to be able to help people gain their sober life back and become an active member of society bettering themselves and the community they live in.

When you donate money to Nick's Ride 4 Friends it goes toward our current and  future endeavors and helping people on the road to recovery. 


Proper treatment for addiction can be lengthy and expensive. We give a large sum of our donations to helping people get placed in treatment centers and extra costs associated with their journey to sobriety. 


Donations are used to help the current clubhouse run on a daily basis. We are also looking to expand our clubhouse and what it can offer the people of this community on their road to recovery. With your help this clubhouse will be a major step-forward in the fight against addiction. 


Many of the people that use our services do not have access to transportation. Having a van to transport people to and from meetings, events, doctors appointments, recreational outings and much more will be of great direct impact. We are currently working on finding a van we can use for our meetings and clubhouse. If you have any ideas shoot us an email! nicksride4friends@gmail.com