Fighting Addiction in Cayuga County NY

Who We Are

Nick’s Ride 4 Friends is a registered 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that provides help to those battling addiction in Cayuga County NY. We aim to provide programs to individuals struggling with addiction and will be there on their road to recovery. Not only do we offer support via peers and supporters, we also help those struggling to get back on their feet by offering assistance with job hunting. With the help of Nick’s Ride 4 Friends, know that you or your loved one will not be alone in their journey. To find out more about our story, click here.

What You Can Do To Help

At Nick’s Ride 4 Friends, we have multiple ways that you can help someone in Cayuga County fight addiction. From donations to social events to volunteering, there are many ways for you to help. We rely on our community to help our non-profit help those struggling with addiction. If you are looking for more ways to help, please click here.

Where Do My Donations Go?

All donations go to helping individuals in Cayuga County. Click here for more information on where your donation goes. To make an immediate donation, please visit our donation page to make a secure online donation.

Looking to Volunteer?

Want to help someone on their road to recovery? Please visit our volunteer page and fill out the form to get started. Volunteering options include: transporting individuals to meetings, providing job search assistance, events setups, or even helping with meetings.

Helpful Links

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