Nick Campagnola
Our Inspiration

Nick Campagnola

Nick was a good kid with a big heart and a friend to all. Nick’s addiction began with pain pills after he sustained an injury while playing a sport he loved: wrestling. As his addiction grew, he turned to heroin. During an unfortunate relapse, a combination of fentanyl and synthetic acid (a “kill bag”) ended his life.

Joel Campagnola

Joel Campagnola

A master carpenter by trade who lost his son Nick to the heroin epidemic, Joel devoted his life to beginning and maintaining a grassroots recovery movement to ensure other won’t fall through the cracks. In recovery himself, Joel has proudly been clean for the past nine years.

Sherri Campagnola
Board Member/Co-Founder

Sherri Campagnola

Sherri is a compassionate mother who lost her son, Nick, to this epidemic. She currently serves as the operations and office manager of the Not-for-Profit Champions for Life along with being their gymnastics director. In her son’s honor, she has become dedicated to helping others in recovery.

Matthew Chalanick

Matthew Chalanick

Matt is a local real estate broker and investor who owns The Real Estate Agency. Matt was introduced to Joel when Joel built Matt’s family home. Matt was inspired by Nick’s story and volunteered to help grow Nick’s Ride 4 Friends and establish it as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization.

Erin Campagnola
Vice President

Erin Campagnola

Erin—Nick’s cousin—is a personal trainer and the owner/yoga instructor at Zen Den in Auburn, New York, a fusion yoga studio and smoothie café. Passionate about her calling, she has learned how yoga and meditation can help those in recovery to heal, and she is committed to applying what she knows to help them stay on the right track in honor of Nick. Erin has also been instrumental in fundraising and expanding Nick’s Ride 4 Friends.

Jonathan Geherin

Jonathan Geherin

Jon is Chief Operating Officer of Builder’s Choice Lumber in Auburn, New York. Jon and Joel worked together closely because of Joel’s trade. Jon also was inspired by Nick’s story and wanted to help out any way he could, and he helps immensely with Nick’s Ride 4 Friends fundraising initiatives.

Kim Kukelia
Board Member

Kim Kukelia

Kim is Joel’s cousin and a graphic designer who has helped promote and advocate for Nick’s Ride 4 Friends. She created our logos and has helped maintain our social media.

Current Team

Joel Campagnola, Founder/Operator

Matt Chalanick, President

Erin CampagnolaVice President

Jacqueline GoveSecretary 

Jon GeherinTreasurer 

Sherri CampagnolaBoard Member

Dr. Adam DuckettBoard Member 

Lynette Wilson, Board Member 

Julie Piascik, Board Member

Mary Beth Lesson, Board Member-Accounting Services

Nancy Sumner, Board Member-Grant Writer

Mark Pineau, Board Member

Joseph Calarco, Board Member

Brian Schenck, Board Member

Patrick Carbonaro, Board Member